Shooting in Prague

Do you like guns? Or some shooting? I think that many people do not even know this entertainment or are afraid of it. I think a lot of people don`t even know that shooting can be really fun and a great sport too. And from the beginning I said that this is nothing for me at all, because I got such a voucher that I can shoot myself in one place. It was at the Prague gun range, so I thought I would probably be afraid. Me and shoot? Well, probably not by mistake! Because I had no experience with weapons at all. And in addition, going directly to the Prague gun range, I thought it would probably be dangerous. Střelba je zábavná.  Why there? I had no idea how to even hold a gun. Fortunately, I learned that the Prague gun range also teaches you how to shoot well. I remember that I only shot airsoft when I was a teenager. Do you know Airsoft? There is also shooting and it`s a lot of fun. Of course, that has nothing to do with the Prague gun range. I think this is the centre where people learn to shoot. But don`t think, it`s no professional shooting. You don`t even shoot at live targets, which I really appreciated. Zlaté nábojnice jsou pěkné. I really couldn`t shoot anything that was alive and breathing. I am glad that at the Prague gun range you can also choose a package that interests you. And I really liked the army style, for example. I also borrowed military clothes and then I shot at various dummies, and I must say that I had a lot of fun. And I also had to go through a course where I learned how to properly hold a gun and other things needed to be able to shoot. If you don`t know where to go and get your adrenaline pumping, try the Prague gun range. Just don`t be afraid and give it a try, I think you`ll be really excited about it, and then you`ll want to go there really regularly. I wasn`t there just once either, but five times already. And I want to go there again. It`s a really great place where you don`t get bored.